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Here's An Exciting Opportunity That YOU Can Take Advantage of As a Member of the ADA/LDA!

Could you use another $3,000?  How about $10,000 or more?

As a new dentist, you regularly face a lot of challenges. There are regulations affecting how you practice that you still need to learn, license/permits to obtain/maintain, etc.  There are contracts to figure out, from employment and insurance networks to medical waste disposal.  And what about all that student loan debt?!?! Did you know that the ADA and LDA can help you with ALL those things?

In particular, we are very excited about a brand new ADA member benefit that can save you thousands on those student loans. ADA members who are approved for student loan re-financing from Laurel Road will receive an additional .25% reduction off the lowest rate for which they qualify. That saves nearly $3,000 on a 10-year, $200,000 loan!  And, members with good credit will often qualify for a lower rate than other lenders offer even BEFORE the .25% discount.  Compared to the government set rates for most student loans, that can add up to savings in the tens of thousands of dollars! But this benefit is only available to you as long as you remain an ADA member.  So, why not renew your membership today?!  And, then check out your great benefits, including savings on student loans, by going to: or

Welcome to Organized Dentistry!

Organized dentistry is founded on a tripartite membership structure. In Louisiana, this tripartite system consists of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Louisiana Dental Association (LDA) and our nine district (component) dental societies. Organized dentistry at all levels encourages and perpetuates improved oral health for the public. It also promotes the art and science of dentistry.So, congratulations! Soon your formal dental education will be complete.  You have the training and skills you will need to supply quality treatment, and the LDA’s Council on Membership would like to make sure that you have the tools necessary to start a happy and successful career in the dental profession.Together, we are the Power of Three - ensuring that members are the central focus of our work at the local, state and national levels. Through these efforts, we hope to build and enhance member value throughout the association, providing every dentist a reason to join, and every member a reason to stay. We will make every effort to provide you with the resources that will help you in your search for the right answers. This guide lists several areas of business you may need to know to be a successful dental practitioner in this state. We hope that this will become a valuable resource to help you start your exciting career. We have many, many more resources on our website under the “Regulations, Laws, and Guidelines” link, as well as throughout the site. If you need more guidance, call the LDA office at (225) 926-1986 or (800) 388-6642 and we will help you in any way that we can.

Dentists who graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago are considered new dentists. The LDA has a Council on the New Dentist and they are dentists with the issues and concerns of new dentists in mind. The council consists of one member from each of the component societies, as well as a chairperson. This council will represent, promote, and support new dentists and dental students. It will also help as a peer and resource with the integration of new dentists into their community and into organized dentistry.

Annually, this council works with the Council on Membership and Dental Practice to host functions with the LSU School of Dentistry (LSUSD) students, including Lunch and Learns.

New dentists should also make special note of Louisiana Dental Services, Inc. (LDS) and LDA endorsed products and services. LDS is the for-profit subsidiary of the LDA. Its many quality programs are a vital source of funding for such projects as the LDA Journal, the Louisiana Dental News and the LDA’s website. LDS programs offer dental-related products and services of superior quality at significant discounts available exclusively to LDA members. Plus, if you have any problems using any of the endorsed companies, you have a personal advocate through LDS.  Approved as leaders in quality and value for their particular industry, all LDS endorsed products and services participate in a royalty plan that provides income to LDS whenever members use them. This non-dues revenue helps to keep LDA membership dues as low as possible.

The ADA also has new dentist resources available to our members, including a New Dentist blog. For more information, go to or visit the blog at

First Step – Join the Power of Three by filling out an online application on the LDA website! The LDA offers a wealth of benefits to dentists who choose to join. There are nearly 1,900 members of the LDA at this time.

And, we make it affordable to join! ADA & LDA grad dues: $0.
Graduation year and next year: You pay $0 in dues.
Year 2: You pay 50% of full national dues.
Year 3 and thereafter: You pay the full national dues.

LDA Council on the New Dentist Members

Dr. Brent Benoit (Bayou)
(985) 853-1142
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Dr. Kristopher P. Rappold
(504) 347-6000
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Dr. Heber C. Tuft
(318) 410-0044
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Dr. Brent Benoit (chair)
(985) 853-1142
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Dr. Benjamin Bell
(985) 626-3348
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Dr. Stephen Sherman
(225) 769-1276
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Top 10 Reasons to Maintain Membership in the LDA ...

Reason #1: Fun and discounted LDA events and activities for members:

  • Winter Lecture Series – held annually during the week of Mardi Gras. Trips vary by year, from great skiing vacations to Disney.
  • LDA Summer Education Conference – held annually in the summer at a coastal resort.
  • Last Chance Seminar - held in December in Baton Rouge.
  • New Orleans Dental Conference/LDA Annual Session, premier dental meeting in Louisiana. Incredible speakers at incredible prices!
  • Plus, there’s discounted rates for members at the ADA Annual Session, the world’s largest dental meeting, and opportunities for all at the component/local level.

Reason #2: Keeping you informed through publications and an informative website,

  • LDA Journal.
  • Resources for new dentists.
  • Info Sheets on laws and regulations.
  • E-Bytes (e-news) and Facebook page.
  • Website & component newsletters include classifieds with job listings, practices for sale, etc.

Reason #3: Help when you really need it
The LDA and ADA Foundations offer grants for disaster assistance to Louisiana dentists after hurricanes, floods or other natural disasters. There is also low-interest loans for treatment of chemical dependency.

Reason #4: Community Service/PR
LDA supports Donated Dental Services, through which LA dentists donate more than $750,000/year in care. More than 2,500 LA children are screened and/or treated at annual ADA/LDA Give Kids a Smile Day. And, the LDA Foundation hosts the LA Mission of Mercy. LaMOM 2015: 1,000 volunteers; 1,500 patients; over $1M in services … FREE to our community!! The LDA also provides support for sealant programs, community clinics and more.

Reason #5: Governmental Relations – LDA (statewide) and ADA (federally):
Funding for equipment in LSUSD clinics.
Funding for dental residency programs and hygiene programs.
Higher reimbursement rates for dental Medicaid.
Freedom of choice laws (you’re paid the same in or out of network).
Non-covered services legislation preventing dental insurance carriers from capping fees on non-covered services.
Defeated “Red Flag” rule and 1099 requirement saving typical practice about $2,000/year.
Fought for sales tax exemptions for dental supplies at both the state and local levels. Will continue to fight to regain state exemption.

Reason #6: Over 20 Endorsed Companies to save you money
Louisiana Dental Services, Inc. (LDS) is the for-profit subsidiary of the LDA. Through LDS, the LDA endorses many high-quality products and services that provide value and discounts to our members while providing revenue to the association EVERY TIME you use them. For a comprehensive list of endorsed vendors, including contact info and websites, visit

Reason #7: Insurance Resources and Info
Brown & Brown offers competitive prices on top quality benefits, and their insurance portfolio includes major medical, long term disability, long term care, business overhead expense, life, personal excess “umbrella”, professional liability employment, practice liability, workers compensation, business office package, flood, cyber liability, homeowners, and personal auto.

Reason #8: ADA Contract Analysis
Experienced legal expertise in deciphering dental plan provider contracts and dental management service contracts.

Reason #9: Peer Review
LDA’s peer review service can save you the huge expense of litigation. It helps keep your professional liability insurance premiums low, and it is free to LDA members.

Reason #10: What will make a difference in YOUR practice? As dentistry changes, so does the LDA.
YOU can fill in this line! LDA listens to members and provides opportunities to share what’s on your mind, including local meetings, social media, phone, e-mail, etc. We have more than 20 new initiatives that have been undertaken in the past decade, mostly in response to members needs and/or requests.  Through various LDA- and ADA-sponsored events, members can meet, converse with and make contacts professionally, politically and socially.

Reference Guide for Louisiana Dentists

Louisiana State Board of Dentistry
365 Canal St., Ste. 2680; New Orleans, LA 70130 (877) 467-4488;
The Board handles the following: dental license, rules and regulations of dentistry, infection control regulations,anesthesia permits (personal/office) & continuing education.

Your state and federal drug license application must be received (and application fee paid) prior to dispensing any prescription drug.Louisiana Board of Pharmacy
3388 Brentwood Dr.; Baton Rouge, LA 70809;
(225) 925-6496;, Drug Enforcement Administration
Three Lakeway Center; 3838 N. Causeway Blvd., Ste. 1800; Metairie, LA 70002; (504) 840-1100;

A permit from the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry is required if you plan on using any of the following: general anesthesia, conscious sedation with parenteral or enteral drugs & nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia.

You need a license for your x-ray equipment.
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Radiation Licensing Section-Permits Division;
P.O. Box 4313; Baton Rouge, LA 70821; (225) 219-3670

Fortress is endorsed by the LDA as the professional liability company created by dentists, for dentists;  985-674-3886, 1-888-503-5547, or

OSHA regulations cover a wide range of safety and health practices in Louisiana workplaces, including dental offices. Visit or call (800) 321-OSHA.Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
This federal law restricts the use of patient info and imposed standard for electronic transmission of health info. Members may purchase a HIPAA Privacy Kit through the ADA by calling (800) 621-8099; other HIPAA compliance tips can be found at or Americans with Disabilities Act.
This is a federal law that regulates how you treat patients and employees with disabilities. For general information, call the U.S. Justice Department information line at (800) 514-0301.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality can provide an up-to-date list of permitted infectious waste transporters.  For more information, (888) 763-5424 or Medical Waste Management is the LDA’s endorsed provider of medical waste services and can answer any question. Visit or call (888) 95 Waste, ext 810.

Contact your parish & city municipalities for any necessary local licenses, such as an occupational license, local taxes & waste usage fees.


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