Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor bestowed by the LDA and is presented annually to individual members who have exemplified the highest standards of professional conduct in dentistry and have made extraordinary contributions in organized dentistry and their community.

Requirements for the Distinguished Service Award:

• A minimum of 25 years membership in organized dentistry.

• The recipient must have conducted his or her life in an ethical manner during their entire dental career.

• The recipient must have been active in professional and community service for most of his or her professional life.

• The recipient cannot be a current LDA officer or a current member of the Distinguished Service Award Committee.

Past Award Recipients

1990 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. P.M. Breaud (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. Edward T. Brown III (New Orleans)

Dr. Walter T. Colquitt III (Northwest)

Dr. Allen A. Copping (New Orleans)

Dr. C. Richmond Corley, Jr. (Southwest)

Dr. F. Ralph Dauterive (New Orleans)

Dr. Ross J. DeNicola (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. E. Harold Faget (New Orleans)

Dr. Eugene J. Fortier, Jr. (New Orleans)

Dr. Perry W. Hollembeak (Northwest)

Dr. Bennie A. Marcello (Bayou)

Dr. Victor B. Marquer (New Orleans)

Dr. Meffre R. Matta (New Orleans)

Dr. N. Gayle Monget (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. James R. Peltier, Jr. (Bayou)

Dr. Thomas W. Pope, Jr. (Northwest)

Dr. Kenneth A. Single (Central)

1991 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Sidney Frederick (Acadiana)

Dr. James H. Henderson (Acadiana)

Dr. Kaylan F. Worley (Northwest)

1992 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Skip D. Buford (Northwest)

Dr. William M. Monsour (Northwest)

Dr. Mark A. Price (Northeast)

1993 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Robert A. Hesse (Acadiana)

Dr. N. Francis LaBorde (Central)

Dr. William P. Walsh (Bayou)

1994 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Jack H. Rayson (New Orleans)

Dr. Louis J. Gallo (Northlake)

Dr. Vincent N. Liberto (New Orleans)

1995 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Lionel delaHoussaye (Southwest)

Dr. Louis G. Grush (New Orleans)

Dr. Frank L. Herbert (New Orleans)

1996 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Ralph B. King, Jr. (Northeast)

Dr. Ewell L. Stevens (Southwest)

Dr. Norman A. Zaffater (Northwest)

1997 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. R. Jack Cassingham (New Orleans)

Dr. Frank J. DePaula (Greater Baton Rouge)

1998 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Jack W. Gamble (Northwest)

Dr. Charles S. Mackey (Southwest)

1999 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. C. Palmer Jarrell, Jr. (Northeast)

Dr. Ronald B. “Ronnie” Marks (Central)

Dr. Harris L. Poret (Bayou)

2000 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. H.O. Blackwood III (Northwest)

Dr. Clay C. Hunley (New Orleans)

Dr. Terence E. Walsh (New Orleans)

2001 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Lamar E. Little (Northeast)

2002 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Edmond J. Ganucheau, Jr. (New Orleans)

Dr. Lee Moncrief Harrison, Jr. (Northwest)

Dr. John N. Kent (New Orleans)

2003 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Edward D. Cascio (Northeast)

Dr. William M. Hall (Northwest)

Dr. Milford L. Kathmann (New Orleans)

2004 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Michael J. Haight (Northlake)      

Dr. Louis J. Joseph (Central)   

Dr. Michael F. Nolan (Northeast)

2005 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. G. Jerome Alesi (Acadiana)

Dr. Charley M. Lester, Jr. (Northwest)

Dr. John D. Shea (New Orleans)

2006 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Peter L. Glaser (New Orleans)

Dr. Francis “Frank” G. Martello (New Orleans)

Dr. Harcourt M. Stebbins (Southwest)

2007 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Gary L. Roberts (Northwest)

Dr. Kenneth G. Schott (New Orleans)

Dr. Curtis J. Zeringue (Bayou)

2008 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Mel DeSoto (Northwest)

Dr. Guy A. Ribando, Jr. (New Orleans)  

Dr. Robert D. Westerman (Greater Baton Rouge)

2009 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Darlene T. Bassett (New Orleans)

Dr. White S. Graves III (Northeast)

Dr. David A. Kestel (Southwest)

Dr. Denis E. "Chip" Simon III (Greater Baton Rouge)

2010 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. F. Thomas Giacona (New Orleans)

Dr. Earl L. “Les” Tarver (Northeast)

2011 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Timothy R. Perry (Northeast)

Dr. O. William Reeder, Jr. (New Orleans)

2012 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Terry F. Fugetta (New Orleans)

Dr. Eric T. Geist (Northeast)

2013 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Charles B. Foy, Jr. (Northlake)

Dr. L. King Scott (Northeast)

Dr. Donald R. Toso (New Orleans)

2014 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. William A. Hadlock (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. Jeff Hooton (Northeast)

Dr. Michael J. Maginnis (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. Jamie M. Manders (New Orleans)

2015 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Glenn C. Dubroc, Jr. (New Orleans)

Dr. Edward J. Hebert (Southwest)

Dr. Hugh V. McKnight (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. Albert F. McMullen III (Northeast)

2016 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Randolph D. Green (New Orleans)

Dr. John W. Portwood, Jr. (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. Dennis R. Preau (Northlake)

Dr. Thomas H. Price (Southwest)

2017 -----------------------------------------------------------

Dr. Mark S. Chaney (New Orleans)

Dr. C.J. Richard, Jr. (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. H. Kirt Touchstone III (Northeast)

2018 ----------------------------------------------------------- 

Dr. Marty B. Garrett (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. Anthony Miranda, Jr. (New Orleans)

2019 ----------------------------------------------------------- 

Dr. Robert E. Barsley (New Orleans)

Dr. Nelson P. Daly (Greater Baton Rouge)

Dr. L. Stephen Ortego (Central)

2020/2021 ----------------------------------------------------

Dr. David J. Hildebrandt (New Orleans)

Dr. Keith Kyler (Greater Baton Rouge)

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