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                                         Dr. Brian D. Basinger
                                         Chair, Council on Communications and member of the LDA Journal Editorial Board

                                         LDA Releases Membership App and Upgrades to
                                         Current Website

                  am excited to announce that the LDA is unveiling a   the website: member benefits, endorsed companies’
                I new method to communicate with our members –      listing, latest news and C.E. and events. Hit “more”
                a mobile app.                                       and you can call us, email us, learn more about us,
                  In a world that is gradually becoming more        view the latest LDA Journal, check out rules and
                digital every day, the LDA’s 2016 Strategic Planning   regulations that impact all dentists and so much
                Committee decided that                                            more! You even have easy access to
                expanding the LDA’s current                                       our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We
                web presence to include a                                         will continue to add links as we build
                mobile app would provide                                          our member resources.
                members with another                                                 Another nice feature of the app
                avenue to communicate with                                        is that LDA staff will be able to send
                the LDA and receive and                                           members “push notifications” via the
                search out information. In the                                    app for updates. So, if there’s a big
                past two years, no matter how                                     legislative update or announcement
                many LDA members open our                                         that we need to get to our members
                E-Bytes newsletter, over 60%                                       immediately, we now have another
                of them open it initially on a                                     way to do it!
                mobile device. Therefore, our                                        Additionally, the LDA website was
                app was born and after careful                                     also updated in late 2016 in order
                planning and budgeting, you                                        to upgrade our software and freshen
                can now download it in both                                        up the look of our site. The app and
                iPhone and Android formats.                                        the website complement each other
                  If you are on an Android                                         and share select pages. Our goal is to
                device, visit your Google                                          make the site informative and user-
                Play Store and if you are                                       friendly for our members.
                using an iPhone or iPad, you would go to the App       Go ahead and download the app! The website and
                Store. Search “Louisiana Dental Association” and    app will continue to grow and develop to meet the
                you should be able to download our app onto your    informational and resource needs of our members.
                device. The “Louisiana Dental Association” app      So, if you have thoughts and suggestions regarding
                will also be available in the Windows Store, the    the app or website, let us know. You can call the LDA
                BlackBerry store and the Amazon/Kindle store.       office at (225) 926-1986 or email
                  A majority of the information on the app can also   We’d love to hear from you!
                be found on the LDA website,, but
                the app provides a quick and easy method of finding    Note: We are waiting on final approval from the app
                those resources. Have a quick question for the LDA     store for iPhones and iPads. The approval should
                staff or need to register for an event while running   come by the time this Journal is printed and mailed.
                errands during a break, “Tap to Call the LDA” and      If not, visit the Latest News on the LDA website for
                an LDA staff member is there to help you. You have     instructions.
                easy access to four of the most popular areas on

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