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DDSGuard                      ™


                                                              Broad Scope Dental

                                                              Practice Protection.

                                                                     Melisa Christian DDS, a Fortress Dentist

                          DDSGuard is the powerful insurance program that Fortress Insurance Company has
                          designed exclusively for the profession of dentistry. What makes DDSGuard different from other
                          dental practice liability insurance? Fortress has a depth of clinical expertise unmatched in the
                          industry, with firsthand knowledge of anesthesia, extractions, implants, and other complex
                          procedures increasingly common to modern dentistry.
                          DDSGuard Policy Features
                          • Claims-made (free tail available) or occurrence coverage   • Consent to settle
                          • New to practice premium discount    • Patient safety education   • Risk Management resources
                          • Professional regulatory defense coverages
                           Fortress Insurance Company
                           • Only insures the profession of dentistry
                           • Owned and operated by dentists
                           • Financially strong


                               Fortress and Brown & Brown Insurance are Endorsed by the LDA

                                                  Your Fortress Agent is Stormy Blair
                                                  Brown & Brown Association Services Professionals

                        *The language contained in each policy of insurance establishes the specific terms and conditions of insurance, and will supersede any statements contained herein.
                        © 2017 Fortress Insurance Company. All rights reserved. DDSGuard™ is a registered trademark of Fortress Insurance Company.
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