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★                               Government Affairs News and Updates

                                       Dentists Will Have 11% Reduction in PCF Surcharge
                                          The Patients’ Compensation Fund (PCF) Board approved an 11% reduction in the PCF
  ★                   ★                New State Requirements for Those Writing Prescriptions for Schedule Drugs
                                       surcharge for dentists and oral surgeons beginning September 2, 2017.

                                          There is a NEW State mandate requiring 3 hours of opioid prescribing and abuse
                                       awareness C.E. for those doctors holding a controlled dangerous substance license
                                       permitting them to prescribe schedule drugs. The 3-hour course must be completed
                                       sometime between Aug. 1, 2017, and the first time you renew your license after Jan. 1,
                                       2018, and must include drug diversion training, best practice prescribing of controlled
                                       substances, appropriate treatment for addiction, and any other matters regarding the
                                       prescribing of controlled dangerous substances that are deemed appropriate by the
        ★ ★                            board. According to current law, you will never have to take the course again. Note: The

                                       LDA’s Last Chance Seminar ( Dec. 8, 2017, will satisfy
                                       this requirement.
                                       Rulemaking Process Started to Change C.E. Requirements
               ★                       the rulemaking process in order to change C.E. requirements. For dentists renewing licenses at
                                          At its Friday, Aug. 18, 2017, LA State Board of Dentistry meeting, the LSBD voted to begin

                                       the end of 2018 and thereafter, 30 hours will be required every 2 years, and all 30 hours must
                                       be clinical. Further, 20 of the 30 hours must be obtained in person (not online C.E.).

                                Welcome to the

                                           Welcome to our New Members (as of August. 7, 2017)

                                               Acadiana District           Dr. Leah Larson      Northeast Louisiana
                                              Dental Association          Dr. Garrett Lipsey    Dental Association
                                                Dr. Chelsea Guilliot      Dr. Archie Melcher        Dr. Ryan Rachal
                                                 Dr. Jared Guilliot     Dr. Edwin “Buddy” Trauth   Dr. Leigh Robinson
                                                   Dr. Minh Le         New Orleans Dental         Dr. Daniel Sharbono
                                                Dr. Joshua Reaves         Association            Northlake Dental
                                                 Dr. Carla Smith          Dr. Ashlon Albert         Association
                                             Bayou District Dental       Dr. Ashleigh Attaway      Dr. Adam Berthelot
                                                 Association             Dr. Daniel Cummins        Dr. Jason Chawla
                                                 Dr. Leigh Griffin        Dr. Kaitlyn Ducote         Dr. Talia Crain
                                                Dr. Kalisha Hanley         Dr. Emily Eggart
                                                                          Dr. Leon Flettrich    Northwest Louisiana
                                               Central Louisiana          Dr. Danny Giang       Dental Association
                                              Dental Association          Dr. Allyson Hanson      Dr. Jeremy Alexander
                                                 Dr. Morgan Hilton        Dr. Sarah Haydel         Dr. Samantha Gray
                                                  Dr. Lex Pierre           Dr. Ainsli Hollier      Dr. James Lowder
                                             Greater Baton Rouge            Dr. Nhu Le             Dr. Richard Moore
                                              Dental Association          Dr. Lindi Perkins       Dr. Morgan Van Zandt
                                                Dr. Brian Chisholm         Dr. Evan Riley        Southwest District
                                                  Dr. Kyle Free         Dr. Christopher Spencer  Dental Association
                                               Dr. Alexander Galliano      Dr. Mark Tinney         Dr. Ashley Azevedo
                                                 Dr. Taylor Hayden        Dr. Hillary Wright       Dr. LaTedra Collins
                                               Dr. Destanee Hughes                                 Dr. Briggs McKey
                                                Dr. Bradley Killebrew                              Dr. Jessica Wilkins

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