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budget crunch of the state, LDA passed legislation   our contributions to LADPAC and ADPAC, we can
                restoring the sales tax exemption on dental devices   continue to win key legislative battles, both here in
                (effective July 1, 2018). This repeal can save member   Louisiana and nationally.
                dentists hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars
                in sales taxes every year. But, it almost certainly
                wouldn’t have happened had LADPAC not been so           Take advantage of an incredible
                instrumental in getting the ear of key legislators.        member benefit and update
                  ADPAC recently had a major victory when the
                U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of          your Find-a-Dentist profile and
                a measure long sought by the ADA: repeal of the                   upload a photo.
                McCarran-Ferguson Act. (The bill is currently
                awaiting a vote in the U.S. Senate.) This Act has
                allowed certain insurers to be exempt from anti-
                trust laws. If you are not presently making LADPAC
                and/or ADPAC contributions, I encourage you to
                consider doing so. You can contribute yearly on
                your LDA dues statement or call the LDA office at
                (225) 926-1986.
                  In summary, at the ADA President-Elect’s
                Conference, I learned that the health of our LDA
                and ADA is very strong. But, we have the ability
                to grow even stronger. With your help, we can        
                be better prepared to protect our profession and
                increase our membership market share. And with

                                                                Buy Tickets for LDA’s

                                                               “Split the Pot” Raffle!

                                                                      Proceeds benefit LADPAC and the
                                                                           LDA’s grassroots efforts.

                         Only $25 a chance!
                                                               Tickets available at the component level or by
                                                                      calling the LDA at 1-800-388-6642.

                                                                     Drawing will take place at the New Orleans
                             1st Place - $500                       Dental Conference and LDA Annual Session
                                                                               May 25, 2018, at the
                             2nd Place - $250                            Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Orleans.

                             3rd Place - $100
                                                                         Winner need not be present to win.

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