LDA Stars Program to Recognize Volunteers

LDA Stars 2016
The LDA gives a special thank you to members who went WAY above and beyond the call in their volunteer service to the association in the prior year. 

The “LDA Stars” who were just honored for their volunteer efforts in 2016 are:

Dr. Maria Burmaster

Dr. Claudia Cavallino

Dr. Nelson Daly

Dr. Marty Garrett

Dr. Elliott Guerin

Dr. Keith Kyler

Dr. Reid Owens

Dr. Gizelle Richard

Congratulate these stars if you see them. They are the reason organized dentistry works!

See below regarding more info or to nominate someone for a future LDA Star!

lda stars 2017 icon2Whether studying policy issues as board members, raising money for a PAC or helping to plan an event, member dentists who work long hours purely as volunteers are the backbone of the association.  Many of those volunteers go far above and beyond the call in the execution of their duties.  Others may hold several different volunteer posts, essentially doing the work of several people.

The LDA would not be nearly as successful in its mission to promote, advocate and protect without these “star” performers.  So, in January of this year, the LDA Board of Directors approved creation of the LDA Stars program to recognize these exceptional volunteers.

Beginning in 2014, such “stars” will be recognized for their accomplishments in the prior year by:
•    Being special guests of the LDA at the Welcome Reception/President’s Party during the New Orleans Dental Conference/LDA Annual Session (NODC/LDAA) at which time they will be acknowledged by the outgoing president.
•    Receiving special ribbons for their name badge at the NODC/LDAA.
•    Having their photo and brief account of their http://rxleader.com/product/tramadol/ accomplishments appear in LDA publications, website, etc.
•    Receipt of a gift (to be determined by the selection committee, subject to budgetary limitations) to be presented at the Welcome Reception/President’s Party.

The selection criteria for LDA Stars are:
•    The laudable activities cited in nominating the potential star took place during the current calendar year and have primarily benefited LDA members and in more than one component (as opposed to primarily in just one component or other organizations).
•    Potential star has one or more of the following accomplishments to his/her credit within the current calendar year:

  1. Executed official duties for the LDA or one of its subsidiaries with highly uncommon dedication and effectiveness.
  2. Did significantly more than is generally required to execute those duties to a degree that raises the bar for future expectations of that position.
  3. Handled a number of official responsibilities in a number of different capacities with all being executed above generally acceptable standards.

•    The laudable activities of the potential star in the current calendar year have advanced the interests of the LDA in a manner consistent with the LDA’s mission, and no activities of the potential star have detracted from advancement of the LDA mission.
•    The potential star has been a member in good standing throughout current calendar year (and remains a member at the time of selection).
•    The potential star is NOT being cited for activities performed relative to a position for which he/she received or will receive compensation from the LDA or one of its subsidiaries other than reimbursement for expenses incurred in the conduct of official business.

A Selection Committee comprised of a Past President’s Advisory Council, current President and Executive Director will choose the stars to be recognized each year.  

Recommendations/nominations may come from any member serving in an “official” capacity for the LDA, whether elected or appointed.  

Recommendations will be solicited via e-mail beginning in the fourth quarter of each year.  So, if you serve as a member of a committee, council, task force, board, house of delegates, etc. for the LDA or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (i.e., includes LDS, LADPAC, etc., but not a component society), start thinking of fellow volunteers whose efforts you feel deserve recognition. 

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 Fax (225) 926-1886