Fishing Rodeo

Fishing Rodeo

benefiting the


13th Annual Membership Fishing Rodeo
JULY 18-19, 2014
Sand Dollar Marina, Grand Isle, LA


Online Registration - Will Be Available Soon

To download a printable registration form, click here!


Two-day fishing entry fee includes a t-shirt, admission to the
Welcome Reception on Friday and Fish Fry on Saturday!

$75 - Adults
$40 - Children 12 & under
$25 - Dental Students

Saturday Night Fish Fry ONLY: (no fishing)
$29 - All

Add $25 per person late fee after July 3. No exceptions.


For lodging information, visit


Proceeds from the Fishing Rodeo will benefit the LDA Foundation to support the 2015 LaMOM service event, as well as dental education, research, and community outreach.

LDA Contact: Sherri Jones, director of conference services, at (225) 926-1986 or (800) 388-6642 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  • There is a $15 non-refundable credit card convenience fee for paying with a credit card. You can register online and select the check option and mail in a check to avoid the fee.
  • No refunds after pre-registration deadline of July 3.
  • Our new fishing shirts with logos and the Rodeo hats will be available for pre-order until June 27, 2014.
  • Additional t-shirts may also be pre-ordered before June 27, 2014.  



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LDA Foundation Fishing Rodeo – Official Rules – 2014

PLEASE NOTE:  Dates for the Annual LDA Foundation Fishing Rodeo are Fri., July 18 and Sat., July 19, 2014.  The Official Weigh Master must check all fish, before 5 p.m. on July 19.  Scales are open on Fri. and Sat. from 1 to 5 p.m.

1.  All fish and anglers must be in accordance with state and federal regulations, along with LDA Foundation Fishing Rodeo rules and regulations.
2.  No Billfish (Marlin, Sailfish, Spearfish), Swordfish, Sharks, Bull Redfish (over 27”), Black Drum of any size, Jack Crevalle, Barracuda, or Amberjack will be allowed in any category.
3.  Children’s division is for anglers 12 years old and under.
4.  Weigh master and/or board members have the right to open and inspect any fish entered in the rodeo.
5.  You are entering the LDA Foundation Fishing Rodeo at your own risk. Sand Dollar Marina, Nelson Daly, the LDA Board of Directors, the weigh masters, the sponsors, rodeo officials, and rodeo volunteers will not be held liable for any damages or injury suffered at this event.
6. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
7. In the event of a categorical tie, the fish that is first entered wins.
8. All rodeo entry fees and sponsorships are non-refundable.
9. There is no spear fishing category this year. All fish must be caught with rod and reel.
10. All fishing locations must be accessible to the public at all times according to state and federal regulations, no private fishing grounds.
11. Any attempt to circumvent the rules of the LDA Foundation Fishing Rodeo will result in the disqualification of fish and/or the angler.
12. The Board of Directors’ decision will be final.
13. The weigh master’s decision is final.
14. All money transactions are final.
15. No swapping of fish between competitors or team members is allowed.
16. Gaffing is allowed, but any mutilation of fish deemed unnecessary by the weigh master/board of directors will result in disqualification of the fish.
17. The speckled trout, Red Fish (under 27 inches), Mangrove Snapper, Blue Water (Dolfin, Yellowfin, Tuna or Grouper), Cobia and under 12 categories will be awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The Trout string and Red Fish string will each be awarded one prize for 1st. The component with the most points will be given the title of Best Fishermen in the State, and a plaque which will remain in the LDA office will reflect their status.
18. One fish from the Trout string and/or the Red Fish string entries may be entered in the appropriate largest Trout/Red Fish category.
19. Point system: first=3 points, second=2 points, third=1 point.
20. Your boat or vehicle must be in the perimeter/property of the Sand Dollar Marina with the fish to be entered and the angler must report to the weigh master before official closing of scales at 5 p.m., Saturday, July 19 to enter a fish. NO EXCEPTIONS.
21. Weigh ins will be from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Friday, July 18, and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, July 19.
22. At 5 p.m., Saturday, the LDA Foundation Fishing Rodeo will be closed for that year. Scales will stay open until all fish brought in before 5 p.m. are weighed in. Awards ceremony will follow the final weigh in.




12th Annual Membership Fishing Rodeo
JULY 12-13, 2013
Sand Dollar Marina, Grand Isle, LA

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos from the 2013 Rodeo:


2013 Fishing Rodeo Winners

1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Speckled Trout Dr. Luke St. Pierre
  Jerome Serio
  Jay Waguespack
  Acadiana   Greater Baton Rouge   Acadiana
  3.6#   3.6#   3.4#
Trout Stringer Dr. Luke St. Pierre
  Acadiana   ~   ~
Redfish Bradley Ber
  Dr. Paul Gantt
  Griffin Michael
  Bayou   Greater Baton Rouge
  Greater Baton Rouge
  7.4#   6.6#   5.8#
Redfish Stringer Leslie Ber        
  Bayou   ~   ~
Mangrove Snapper Dr. Sally Daly
  Rebecca Day (LSUDS)
  Dr. Sally Daly
  Greater Baton Rouge   Greater Baton Rouge   Greater Baton Rouge
  9.2#   9.0#   8.6#
Kids (12 & under) Josh Noel
  Ethan Smith
  John-Luke St. Pierre
  Greater Baton Rouge   Greater Baton Rouge   Acadiana
  4.4#   4.2#   4.2#
  Sheephead   Sheephead   Black Drum
Cobia Dr. Nelson Daly   Bradley Ber   Dr. Doug Ber
  Greater Baton Rouge Bayou Bayou
31.4# 26.7# 20.0#
Bluewater Jeff Porter
  Dr. Joey Porter
  Dr. Jonathan Bowling
Dolphin, Yellowfin Greater Baton Rouge   Greater Baton Rouge   Greater Baton Rouge
Tuna, Tuna & Grouper 67.2#   55.4#   44.8#
  Yellowfin Tuna   Yellowfin Tuna   Yellowfin Tuna

 Your generosity in participating in the Rodeo benefiting the LDA Foundation makes a meaningful difference in our ability to support
dental education, research, patient care and community outreach.




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