Council and Committee Chairs

Council on LDA Sessions
Dr. Keith Kyler
(Greater Baton Rouge)
(225) 292-8010

Council on Government Affairs
Dr. Marty B. Garrett
(Greater Baton Rouge)
(225) 292-8101


Dr. Gizelle Richard
(New Orleans)
(504) 394-5330

Peer Review / Council on Dental Benefits
Dr. John Campo, Jr.
(318) 445-6453
Council on Insurance
Dr. Lane Eddleman
(318) 322-2013

Council on Dental Education
Dr. Craig H. Crawford

Louisiana Dental Political Action Committee (LADPAC)
Dr. Jeff Hooton
(318) 388-4411
Council on Membership & Dental Practice
Dr. Reid Owens
(New Orleans)
(985) 764-1615
Council on Communications
Dr. Brian Basinger
(318) 869-3020

Dental Well-Being Advisory Committee
Dr. Jamie M. Manders (NODA)
(504) 366-8193

Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Mark S. Chaney
(New Orleans)
(504) 861-2523

Council on the New Dentist
Dr. Ross Quartano                
(985) 626-3348
Dental Access and Prevention Political Action Committee (DAP-PAC)
Dr. Brett Rabel
(Greater Baton Rouge)
(225) 775-0160
Medicaid Task Force
Dr. Don Donaldson
(985) 641-3988

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