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The Louisiana Dental Association (LDA) was established in 1878 as a statewide, grassroots organization made up of dental professionals. It is the largest state dental society in Louisiana and is a constituent of the American Dental Association. Becoming a member of the LDA  puts the power of organized dentistry in your hands.
•         in Numbers. The LDA currently has over 1,900 memberss.
•         in Service. The LDA has a fully staffed main office located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
•         in Involvement. The LDA is actively involved in state and national legislative affairs. We also have two political action committees.
•         in Benefits. The LDA promotes and sponsors continuing education programs for all dentists.
•         in Knowledge. The LDA is a source of information for the field of dentistry and related topics.
•         in Communication. The LDA produces a quarterly newsletter and Journal providing current information on the association and dental news and events.
•         in Generosity. The LDA lends support to charitable programs such as Donated Dental Services, which provides free dental care to the needy.



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As a new dentist, you regularly face a lot of challenges. There are regulations affecting how you practice that you still need to learn, license/permits to obtain/maintain, etc.  There are contracts to figure out, from employment and insurance networks to medical waste disposal.  And what about all that student loan debt?!?! Did you know that the ADA and LDA can help you with ALL those things?

In particular, we are very excited about a brand new ADA member benefit that can save you thousands on those student loans. ADA members who are approved for student loan re-financing from DRBank will receive an additional .25% reduction off the lowest rate for which they qualify. That saves nearly $3,000 on a 10-year, $200,000 loan!  And, members with good credit will often qualify for a lower rate than other lenders offer even BEFORE the .25% discount.  Compared to the government set rates for most student loans, that can add up to savings in the tens of thousands of dollars! But this benefit is only available to you as long as you remain an ADA member.  So, why not renew your membership today?!  And, then check out your great benefits, including savings on student loans, by going to:


Endorsed Products and Services

LDA members receive discounts on products and services offered by quality companies who are endorsed by our subsidiary, Louisiana Dental Services, Inc. (LDS). Utilizing LDS endorsed companies not only saves each member and their practice money, but also produces non-dues revenue that enhances membership benefits, such as the LDA Web site, Louisiana Dental News newsletter, LDA Journal, Bowden Leadership Conference, LDA Annual Session, and both the summer and winter C.E. conferences hosted each year by the LDA. By purchasing the products and using the services offered by the LDA/LDS endorsed companies, YOU, as an LDA member, can make this mutually beneficial operation an even greater success than it is now. Always identify yourself as an LDA member when first doing business with any of the listed companies.

Continuing Education
The LDA offers members the best in continuing education. Members receive discounted registration for all events, including:


Winter C.E. Program/Disney World Resort – held annually during the week of Mardi Gras. Disney World Resort combines quality C.E. with a fabulous vacation. Classes are held in the early morning and late afternoon to leave the full day open for exploring the amusement park. Other programs are sometimes held instead, such as cruises, etc.

LDA Annual Session – held annually in April, the day before the LDA House of Delegates meet. A great opportunity to hear top national speakers and participate in LDA policy-making business.

LDA Summer Education Conference – held annually in July at a coastal resort. Combine quality C.E. with family vacation fun.


Government Affairs (Legislative & Regulatory)
LDA members stay abreast of governmental issues and are heard in legislative and regulatory forums in a manner not possible for individuals. Through their fundraising efforts, the Louisiana Dental Political Action Committee (LADPAC) and the Dental Access and Prevention Political Action Committee (DAP-PAC) help the LDA maintain a powerful voice in state government. Our political action committees promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating dentists and others to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs. LDA governmental activities include the use of staff and contract lobbyists, governmental publications, legislative reporting service, dinners for legislators, Dentists’ Day at the Legislature, and Engage (through the Grassroots Action Center)!

The ADA Washington Office and the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) speak up for members in Congress and with federal regulators, voicing the dental profession’s positions on legislative and regulatory issues.

Insurance Coverage
As you look into the future of your practice, you can rest assured that the LDA-endorsed insurance company is there to help protect you, your family and your practice. Brown & Brown Association Services Professionals offers competitive prices on top quality benefits, and their insurance portfolio includes: Major Medical, Long Term Disability, Long Term Care, Business Overhead Expense, Personal Excess “Umbrella”, Professional Liability, Business Office Package, and others.

Well-Being Committee
Assisting members with chemical dependency or substance abuse problems. Its goal is to help dentists live healthy, productive lives.

LDA Relief Fund
Temporary assistance to member dentists facing extreme financial difficulties due to illness, disability, or natural disaster. 

Peer Review and Mediation
LDA members have free access to the LDA’s statewide peer review and mediation. This is an invaluable means for the dentist, patient and/or third party payors to resolve differences. The process saves dentists time, money and the hassle of going to court. What’s more, the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry recognizes the results of cases mediated through peer review and refers patients with complaints to the LDA.

The LDA informs members of events and information affecting the practice of dentistry through the quarterly LDA Journal and monthly (or as needed) E-Bites email newsletter. Subscriptions to the monthly Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) and the biweekly ADA News are also included in your ADA membership dues. The LDA website,, which, along with the ADA’s site (, allows members to discuss dental issues, find fellow member dentists and have instant access to all association information and staff. Both sites include members-only, password protected links and resources.

LDA members have nonstop opportunities to meet fellow dental professionals working in both Louisiana and across the nation. Through various LDA- and ADA-sponsored events, members can meet, converse with and make contacts professionally, politically and socially.

Additional ADA Benefits & Services
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ADA membership benefits, go to

Practice Management and Marketing Information

The ADA continually researches and develops strategies and techniques to help members serve their patient base and attract new patients. Members have access to seminars, publications and resources on associateships, how to start or sell a practice, financial planning, effective direct mail and advertising programs, successful patient communications and much more!

Dental Benefit Information and Contract Analysis Service
ADA staff is available to provide members with resources and answer questions about the design and administrative features of various dental benefit plans, including managed care plans. Also free to ADA members, the Contract Analysis Service can help educate dentists concerning the potential risks and benefits of contractual relationships with third parties (e.g., managed care companies and dental management service organizations).

ADA Seal Program
Since 1931, the ADA Seal Program has evaluated both pro-fessional and consumer products, granting the Seal of Acceptance to more than 1,300 products proven safe and effective.

Member Retirement and IRA Programs
The ADA Members Retirement Program, one of the nation’s largest with assets in excess of $1.5 billion, offers tax-qualified profit-sharing, pension, 401(k) and defined-benefit plans plus comprehensive record-keeping services. ADA members also have access to an IRA offering a low annual fee and choice of 16 investment accounts.

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