New Dentists (Tiger Tracks)

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Dentists who graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago are considered new dentists. The LDA has a Council on the New Dentist and they are dentists with the issues and concerns of new dentists in mind. The council consists of one member from each of the component societies, as well as a chairperson. This council will represent, promote, and support new dentists and dental students. It will also help as a peer and resource with the integration of new dentists into their community and into organized dentistry.

Annually, this council works with the Council on Membership and Dental Practice to host functions with the LSU School of Dentistry (LSUSD) students, including Lunch and Learns.

Annually, the LDA also produces a booklet, Tiger Tracks, with new dentist resources that is given to LSUSD graduating seniors, as well as to any other member that requests the information.

New dentists should also make special note of Louisiana Dental Services, Inc. (LDS) and LDA endorsed products and services. LDS is the for-profit subsidiary of the LDA. Its many quality programs are a vital source of funding for such projects as the LDA Journal, the Louisiana Dental News and the LDA’s website. LDS programs offer dental-related products and services of superior quality at significant discounts available exclusively to LDA members. Plus, if you have any problems using any of the endorsed companies, you have a personal advocate through LDS. (Link to LDS/LDA Endorsed Companies under the News and Information for Your Practice section)

Approved as leaders in quality and value for their particular industry, all LDS endorsed products and services participate in a royalty plan that provides income to LDS whenever members use them. This non-dues revenue helps to keep LDA membership dues as low as possible.

The ADA also has new dentist resources available to our members, including a New Dentist blog. For more information, go to or visit the blog at

 LDA Council on the New Dentist Members

Dr. Ross Quartano (Northlake)
(985) 626-3348

Dr. Kristopher P. Rappold
(504) 347-6000

Dr. John E. Levin
(337) 236-9880

Dr. Heber C. Tuft
(318) 410-0044
Dr. Benjamin Ber
(985) 917-0084
Dr. Ross Quartano (chair)
(985) 626-3348

Dr. Kim S. Dukes
(318) 473-4346

Dr. McKenzy K. Boyd
(318) 425-5356

Dr. Mathieu Kramer Irby
(225) 926-1059
Dr. Esperanza Prato
(337) 437-7107

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