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LDS Glove Program Now Offers Free Shipping: There has never been a better time to purchase through the LDS Glove Program, administered by Association Gloves. By leveraging the buying power of thousands of dentists in 14 endorsing states, Association Gloves has negotiated price concessions with its manufacturing partners and UPS to offer LDA members one simple price and free shipping.


If you are a current glove program participant, you will find your bottom-line invoice after Nov. 1 will be lower than your last purchase, which included per-case shipping fees. Newcomers to the glove program will find prices that are lower than those at most dental supply companies or other glove purveyors. For instance: powder-free nitrile start at $5.45 per 100 gloves; powder-free latex start at $6.40 per 100 gloves; powdered latex start at $7.25 per 100 gloves; and fitted start at just $7.50 per 100 gloves. To start saving right away, view the complete catalog of gloves and order online by visiting www.ldsgloves.com. Or, for personal assistance, to request glove samples or place an order call 877-484-6149 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time.


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