Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian Award

What is a Humanitarian? A humanitarian endeavors to improve the human condition through alleviating suffering while supporting and contributing to the basic human dignity of those in need.

A humanitarian…

- Gives of themselves regardless of compensation.
- Provides services without expectation of remuneration.
- Provides services to all equally, impartially, cooperatively and neutrally.
- Embraces common moral decencies such as altruism, integrity, freedom,
justice, honesty, truthfulness, responsibility and compassion.
- Respects and embraces human diversity.
- Improves the lives of those in need through selfless, courageous, creative
and compassionate acts.

1. The recipient must have been a member of the LDA and local
component for 20 years.
2. The recipient must have conducted his or her life in an ethical
manner during their entire dental career.
3. The recipient must fulfill the above definition of a Humanitarian
in the fullness of its definition.

Past Award Recipients

2012 – Dr. Stan P. Cowley, Jr. (New Orleans)

2013 – No award given out

2014 – Dr. Glenn M. Kidder (Greater Baton Rouge)

2015 – Dr. Joseph L. Lindsay III (New Orleans) and Dr. Michael J. Guevara (Northlake)

2016 – Dr. Jeff Hooton (Northeast)




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