Dr. Gary Roberts to Run for ADA President Elect

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Dr. Gary Roberts
LDA Member (Northwest) and 12th District Trustee on the ADA Board of Directors

I have served in organized dentistry for over 35 years, with 18 years of service in the ADA House of Delegates. I have been a proud Louisiana dentist who practiced in Shreveport (Northwest component), and I have served in many capacities on the state level, including LDA president and editor of the LDA Journal, prior to becoming more involved in leadership on the national level. Before becoming an ADA Trustee, I served on the ADA Council of Ethics, Bylaws, and Judicial Affairs and the ADA Council on Government Affairs. 

I was fortunate to serve on several ADA task forces including the House of Delegates Task Force on Governance.  As the 12th District Trustee, I have served as liaison to the Council on Members Insurance and Retirement Plans, the Council on Dental Practice and the Council on Annual Sessions. I currently serve on the ADA Pension Committee, and next year, will be the Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee. I recently served on the ADA Library Transition Task Force, guiding our library into a modern entity where members can access articles from over 250 journals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

My varied experiences in different areas of the ADA have given me a unique understanding of the problems and opportunities our organization and individual members have before us.  I am eager to be able to serve and address these problems and opportunities and am honored that the 12th District has seen fit to support me for the candidacy of ADA President-Elect in 2015. I would appreciate your continued confidence and support!

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