NEW Endorsed Providers: Solutionreach


Once the pioneer for text and email patient messaging, Solutionreach is now a full platform of patient engagement and communication solutions for healthcare practices. Utilizing the latest text, email, voice, video, web, and social media tools, Solutionreach equips healthcare providers with “high-tech” solutions that don’t sacrifice the “high-touch” personalization needed when interacting with patients. Solutionreach engagement tools will automate and personalize nearly every type of customized communication: including text, email, or landline appointment reminders; confirmations; reactivation; referrals; birthday wishes; surveys; newsletters; customized education and promotion campaigns; and more. The Solutionreach service is all-inclusive, and backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee. All customers are provided with unlimited support from dedicated representatives and a Price for Life Promise.

For more information, contact Miles Westover at (866) 315-4046 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit




NEW ENDORSED COMPANY!!!  Medical Waste Management is your local provider of medical waste services. Specializing in collection, transportation, tracking, treatment and disposal, Medical Waste Management will provide reliable convenient service to our customers with the latest compliance and tracking services. Visit or contact Mark Grillo at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (985) 373-6428 to get started.

(LDA no longer endorses Stericycle, so when your yearly Stericycle contract is up for renewal, please request a quote from Medical Waste Management. You'll be glad you did!)






LDS Glove Program - Our endorsed glove program keeps getting better and saving you more money. The LDS Glove Program, administered by Association Gloves, now offers FREE SHIPPING on all items. Place your first glove order and you’ll receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks or McDonald’s—you choose which gift you’d prefer.

And, the new part of the endorsement is that masks are now available as well!!! Kimberly-Clark masks are now part of the program. Ear loop masks start at just $4.00 per 50 masks. We also have an assortment of tie masks. You get two boxes of masks free with the purchase of one case of masks, saving you even more money!

The LDS Glove Program carries the major brands of gloves: Cranberry, EcoBee, Microflex, Sempermed and Kimberly-Clark at extremely competitive prices. Free glove and mask samples are available. Request free samples on our glove and mask website, or call us for assistance.

Check out our low prices:

•  Powder-free nitrile starting at $5.45 per 100 gloves

•  Powder-free latex starting at $6.40 per 100 gloves

•  Powdered latex starting at $7.25 100 gloves

•  Fitted starting at $7.50 per 100 gloves

*All gloves are sold by the case. Gloves are packed 10 boxes per case.

Please visit our website for easy, secure purchasing. Or, call 877-484-6149 to order, request free samples or for answers to your questions. You’ll be glad you did!

Your purchase of exam gloves from the LDS glove program gets you high-quality products with the right fit and feel at an exceptional value, access to an easy recurring order program and great personal service. It also provides a non-dues revenue stream to the LDA. You have to purchase gloves, so why not buy them from Association Gloves, the organization that supports your state dental association? Call 877-484-6149 to get started saving today.

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