ADA Credentialing Service for Members

ADA Credentialing Service Now Available to Members

The ADA Credentialing Service is a new member benefit that helps streamline the credentialing process, allowing you to input, store and update your professional credentials in one centralized location. This service helps eliminate repetitive paperwork for you and your office staff, requiring you to input your credentials only one time. Designed specifically for the dental market, this securely designed service stores your information and makes it available to third party payers, hospitals and employers.

Some of the benefits of participation are:

  • Helps eliminate repetitive paperwork
  • Enter your information one time
  • Easily upload and store supporting documents
  • Centralized database available to payers, hospitals and employers
  • Notifies you when information is due to expire
  • Takes 20 minutes or less
  • Designed specifically for the dental market
  • Securely designed

The ADA is working with SKYGEN USA to engage their subsidiary Scion Dental, which provides dental payment solutions to government and commercial payers. By completing your credentials in this portal, the ADA can leverage your support to secure the participation of additional payers.

As an ADA member, this service is free. Register now at

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