Do You Still Use a Non-EMV Credit Card Terminal

LDA's wholly owned subsidiary, Louisiana Dental Services (LDS), is sharing this timely information with LDA members on behalf of Best Card, LDA's endorsed credit card processing company:

Many credit card processing terminals that use Ethernet to process transactions need a software update by 12/28/16. (The update is not needed if using a telephone line/analog for connectivity).  Also, due to EMV "chip" card reading conversion that is occurring, some equipment models (which do not have EMV chip capability) will no longer be able to process transactions after 12/31/16.  This includes terminals with a model of FD50, FD100 and FD200(note the FD50Ti, FD100Ti and FD200Ti will continue processing transactions).  Beginning 1st quarter 2017, many additional non-EMV terminals are expected to no longer have the ability to re-download or will have an end-of-life as of a given date.

If these changes affect you and you already use Best Card, then they've contacted you and helped you make the necessary updates.  If you use another processor and don't know if, or suspect that, these updates/upgrades are required in your office, you may want to contact Best Card for more information - and to learn how their exclusive LDA member discounts can save you HUNDREDS.  Call 877-739-3952 or visit

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