LDA Bylaws


The Louisiana Dental Association is established as a legal entity, a non-profit corporation, through its Articles of Incorporation as registered with the Secretary of the State of Louisiana.  As such it must conform to the constitution and statutes of the State of Louisiana and the constitution and laws of the Federal Government.

The Articles of Incorporation vest legislative powers with the House of Delegates and administrative power with the Board of Directors.  The Articles also authorize the adoption of Bylaws to provide more details for the regulation of the Association and its activities.  Changes in the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws may be made only by the House of Delegates.

The House of Delegates, through adoption of policy and issuing of mandates, controls the activities of the Louisiana Dental Association.  The administration and detailed procedures for implementing these policies and mandates are left to the Board of Directors.

All members and persons acting for the Association must make certain that their actions are authorized by the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, mandates and policies of the Association.

No Officer, Committee, nor Council of the Louisiana Dental Association, in their official capacity, shall make statements before the public, which are contrary to established LDA policy.

These same agents may not assume the authority of taking a stand before the public on controversial matters on which no LDA policy exists, except by specific authority granted by the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates of the LDA.


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