New Dentist Award Recipients

New Dentist Award

The New Dentist Award is presented annually to one LDA member who has been in practice for less than 10 years, and who has distinguished himself by giving his time and talents for the betterment of mankind. Such contributions include civic involvement, public service and unselfish devotion to the dental profession.

Requirements for the New Dentist Award

• A maximum of 10 consecutive years membership in organized dentistry.

• Recipient must have conducted himself/herself in an ethical manner during his/her dental career.

• The recipient must have been active in professional and community service during this time.

Past Award Recipients

1998 – Dr. Fred F. McMullen III (Northeast)   

1999 – Dr. James D. Roethele (New Orleans)

2000 – Dr. S. Brett Sanders (Northeast)

2001 – Dr. Nelson P. Daly (Greater Baton Rouge)

2002 – Dr. W. Keith Holden (Greater Baton Rouge)

2003 – Dr. Mitchell P. Theriot (Bayou)

2004 – Dr. James Eric Lavespere (Northeast)

2005 – Dr. David M. “Trey” Carlton III (Central)

2006 – Dr. Brian D. Basinger (Northwest)

2007 – Dr. Christopher Cosse (Northwest)

2008 – Dr. Jason Parker (New Orleans)

2009 – Dr. Daniel Weaver (Southwest)

2010 – No award given out

2011 – Dr. Courtney Richter (Central)

2012 – Dr. Johnnie L. Hunt (Greater Baton Rouge)

2013 – Dr. George H. Arch, Jr. (New Orleans)

2014 – Dr. David Balhoff (Greater Baton Rouge)

2015 – Dr. Nicholas J. Rauber (Greater Baton Rouge)

2016 – Dr. Caesar Sweidan (Northlake)

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