Volunteer Service Opportunities

Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic

Dentists, are you looking for an opportunity that would allow you to provide services to the working uninsured residents of the community? If so, LCHCC is where you should be! The Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic is currently seeking Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants  who are willing to dedicate a couple of hours and their talents to those who are in need. If interested, contact Brittany Bennett, Volunteer Coordinator, via phone at 337-593-9208 ext. 230 or email at bbennett@lchcc.net. We look forward to having you apart of the Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic family!

St. Bernadette Community Clinic

Dentists,  Have you been looking for an opportunity to help the poor and homeless population utilizing your expertise? We have a great way that you can serve those most in need. St. Bernadette Community Clinic is an acute care clinic located in Lafayette, La. providing services at no cost to its clients.  One of the services that we offer to this needy population is dental extractions.  We have a beautiful dental operatory that is staffed by volunteer dentists. Our extraction clinic is run every Friday by appointment only. We are looking for volunteer dentist as well as one paid contract dentist.  If you are interested in joining our staff of givers, please contact Gigi Dossey, R.N. at 337-267-1437 or email at dosseym@lourdesrmc.com.    

Louisiana Seals Smiles - Volunteers Needed

The State Oral Health Program is preparing to start back up the Louisiana Seals Smiles program, the free school-based dental sealant program for 2nd and 6th graders in LA.  The Louisiana Seals Smiles program targets schools where 50% or more students are on the free or reduced lunch program.

At this time we are in need of volunteer dentists and hygienists to help us deliver this program.  We are happy to accept volunteers on a short term or long term basis.  Volunteers who wish to provide their services at multiple sealant days will have the option to establish a contract with the State for reimbursement of their services.  The reimbursement rate is $50/hr for dentists, $30/hr for hygienists.  The process of writing and approving contracts through the State is presently taking approximately 3 months to complete.  Once a contract has been approved, the Program can reimburse for services delivered after the approval date.  No retrospective payments will be made for services rendered prior to contract approval.

The Program requires dentists to assist the program with the screening portion of the Louisiana Seals Smiles program, and hygienists to apply the dental sealants either on the same day as the conduction of the screenings or shortly thereafter.

The Oral Health Program is responsible for arranging all of the logistical support (this includes supplies and equipment) for the delivery of the sealant program.  Additionally, the Oral Health Program will collect the necessary written consent forms.  The Program is in compliance with the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry's Mobile Dentistry rules.

The Program does not bill Medicaid at this time for any services.

If you are interested in volunteering, e-mail LAOralHealth.Coalition@LA.GOV or call 225-342-9047 with your availability.  The Oral Health Program will contact those interested regarding delivery dates for schools.

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