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What’s New with the LDA Health Plan for 2020?

Created by dentists for dentists: because your family deserves complete protection and you deserve affordable rates.

Apply Now ButtonThe LDAHPT trustees have been working diligently on revisions for 2020 to be sure the program offers benefits members want and lower premiums compared to carriers like Blue Cross.

There are new plan offerings for 2020. Some plans have in-state only treatment options that are similar to some Blue Cross plans that many members have now. AND, one of these in-state only plans even includes Health Savings Account benefits that Blue Cross doesn’t offer.

The LDAHPT rating structure has also been designed so that healthy members save money more often compared to the rate increases Blue Cross is delivering in 2020.

The LDAHPT may be the right choice for you in 2020! You have absolutely nothing to lose – and possible savings to gain – by reaching out to Stormy Blair at Brown & Brown to get quotes to compare to your renewal.

Contact Brown & Brown Association Services Professionals today to obtain a proposal and learn more about the reasons the LDAHPT is a better choice for you, your family and your staff.

Stormy Blair, Vice President, Brown & Brown Association Services Professionals

Website: https://www.bbgulfstates.com/LDAHPT/

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 1-888-503-5547

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WHY CHOOSE THE LDAHPT? LDAHPT was created by dentists for dentists: because your FAMILY deserves complete protections and you deserve affordable rates.

WHAT IS THE LDAHPT? A private, not-for-profit, self-funded, health benefit plan that allows member business owners access to group healthcare benefits through a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA).


Members can go to https://www.bbgulfstates.com/ldahpt-applynow/ for instructions on how to apply for a free no-obligation quote.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF THE LDAHPT? There are many benefits to a self-insured plan such as:

  1. The LDA can customize the plan to meet the specific health care needs of member dentists as opposed to purchasing “one-size-fits-all” insurance policies.
  2. The LDA maintains control over the health plan reserves.
  3. The plan is not subject to conflicting state health insurance regulations/benefit mandates, as it is primarily regulated under federal law (ERISA).
  4. The plan is not subject to state health insurance premium taxes which is an additional savings for members.
  5. The LDAHPT is free to contract with the providers or provider networks best suited to meet the health care needs of member dentists and their employees.

Brown & Brown – Marketing Agency
Healthcare Highways – Claims Administration
Lewis & Ellis - Actuary
Cottingham & Butler – Advisor

DO THE EMPLOYER & ALL EMPLOYEES HAVE TO PARTICPATE? No, 100% participation is not required. The employer must be a member of the LDA but may choose to waive benefits. All full-time employees must be offered the opportunity to participate, but they may decline benefits.

DOES THE EMPLOYER HAVE TO PAY ANY PORTION OF EMPLOYEE COST? No, the employer is not required to contribute to the employee cost.

WHAT TYPE OF HEALTH PLANS ARE OFFERED? Members may choose from plans that include co-pay and HSA-qualified benefits. They may save even more money by selecting a plan with an in-state only network of providers. Click https://www.bbgulfstates.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/LDAHPT-Plan-Options.pdf to see available plans.

IS MEDICAL UNDERWRITING REQUIRED? Yes, each enrollee has to answer a medical questionnaire for underwriting review. The healthier the enrollee, the better the rate.

WHEN CAN SOMEONE ENROLL? A plan can begin on the 1st day of any month throughout the year since the LDAHPT is not subject to Affordable Care Act rules for open enrollment.

ARE THE RATES GUARANTEED? No, the rates are not guaranteed. The LDAHPT Trust works closely with the actuaries to monitor the plan. Though highly unlikely, the LDAHPT may adjust rates as needed during the calendar year.

The network providers are Verity and PHCS/MultiPlan. (Some LDAHPT plans only use Verity.) Please check their provider directories to obtain lists of current doctors and preferred hospitals. The staff at Brown & Brown can assist with researching providers for the in-state only plans.

Verity HealthNet: http://verityhealth.com/searchquery.asp
PHCS/MultiPlan: https://www.multiplan.com/search/search-2.cfm?originator=84483

DO THE PLANS COMPLY WITH THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA)? Yes. The LDAHPT covers the same set of Essential Health Benefits as mandated in the ACA with the exception of pediatric dentistry.

HOW CAN A MEMBER FIND OUT MORE ABOUT LDAHPT? Representatives at Brown & Brown Association Services Professionals, the LDA’s marketing agency, are ready to answer questions, help members obtain quotes and complete enrollments. Reach out to Stormy Blair and the team at 888-503-5547. You may also find more information and request help by visiting their website at https://www.bbgulfstates.com/ldahpt/ .


Click https://www.bbgulfstates.com/ldahpt-applynow/ for instructions on how to apply and access to the forms.

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