Dental Office Resume Postings

Having LDA member-only access to resume postings is a great way to directly contact potential employees. Note: The LDA is offering this information as a resource to members. The association is not able to confirm or deny any items listed on an applicant's resume, nor can we serve as a reference.

Vada Davis is seeking a receptionist position

Resume: Click Here
Contact: (225) 454-5038,
Location: Baton Rouge
Willing to relocate: Yes
About Blakely: I am looking to work as a receptionist at a dental office. I currently work in an urgent care; I just desire more set hours. (8/15/23)

Blakeley Bond is seeking a full time dentist position

Resume: Click Here
Contact: (308) 293-7654,
Location: New Orleans
Willing to relocate: No
About Blakely: I am a 2023 graduate of LSUSD and currently completing an AEGD at the VA in Birmingham, AL. I am looking for a full-time position in the New Orleans area. (7/18/23)