When was The Louisiana Dental Association (LDA) founded?

LDA was founded in the year 1878.

How many components associations make up LDA?

LDA is composed of nine component associations and is a constituent society of the American Dental Association (ADA).

How many members does LDA currently have?

LDA currently has nearly 1,900 members.

Where is LDA located?

LDA has a fully staffed association office located at:
5637 Bankers Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Is LDA active in legislative affairs?

Yes, LDA members stay abreast of governmental issues and are heard in legislative and regulatory forums in a manner not possible for individuals. Through their fundraising efforts, the Louisiana Dental Political Action Committee (LADPAC) and the Dental Access and Prevention Political Action Committee (DAP-PAC) help the LDA maintain a powerful voice in state government. LDA governmental activities include the use of staff and contract lobbyists, governmental publications, legislative reporting service, dinners for legislators, Dentists’ Day at the Legislature, and VoterVOICE (through the Grassroots Action Center)!
The ADA Washington Office and the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) speak up for members in Congress and with federal regulators, voicing the dental profession’s positions on legislative and regulatory issues.

Does the LDA offer in-office education of radiographics for dental assistants?

Yes. MEDCOM’s “Radiographic Techniques and Safety: Introduction to the X-ray and Safety Precautions” is available through the LDA and approved by the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry. It can be used for in-office education of dental assistants, counts for C.E. credit and saves you time and money compared to classroom instruction. (Link to Radiographic Certification under News and Information for Your Practice)

Does the LDA produce a newsletter for its members?

Yes, LDA produces both a bi-monthly e-newsletter, LDA e-bytes, and a quarterly magazine, LDA Journal, that provides newsworthy updates that directly affect its members.

Is it possible to advertise in either of these publications?

Yes, advertisers can place quarter-, half-, or whole-page ads, as well as classified ads, in the Journal. Only endorsed companies are allowed to advertise in the e-newsletter. Email Alannie@ladental.org for more information.

What's the Difference Between National Children's Dental Health Month (NCDHM) and Give Kids A Smile® Day (GKAS)?

Children's Dental Health Month is every February and focuses on providing oral health education to all children despite their economic status. Give Kids A Smile was designed to provide education, preventive and restorative care to low-income children who do not have access to care. Give Kids A Smile is an annual centerpiece to National Children's Dental Health Month and is observed every year on the first Friday in February, while NCDHM is celebrated during the entire month of February.

How can I help with Give Kids A Smile Day next year?

If you are a dentist or a member of a dental staff and would like to donate your time, equipment or services for this event, contact Annette Droddy at Annette@ladental.org or call (225) 926-1986.

What are some basic oral health tips I can follow to ensure my child has healthy teeth?

By following these basic tips for good oral health care, you can help your children “Fight Tooth Decay 24/7!” the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that parents:

Switch to a small, soft toothbrush.
When children are between the ages of two and three, start using fluoride toothpaste when brushing their teeth.
Limit the amount of toothpaste to the size of a pea. Using too much fluoride on children under the age of six may cause permanent stains on teeth.
Replace your child’s toothbrush every three to four months, or especially after he/she has been sick.
Eat nutritious foods and snacks instead of candies and soft drinks.

I am looking for a “good dentist.” Who does LDA recommend?

The LDA does not do referrals. However, you can visit the American Dental Association’s Web site by clicking here to search for a local dentist near you. You may also visit the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry’s website at www.lsbd.org to verify whether or not your dentist is licensed and if they have had a disciplinary action against them.

Are there charges/fees for receiving dental care from the LSUHSC School of Dentistry?

Yes, there are fees but they are less than those of private practice. Visit the LSUHSC School of Dentistry website at https://www.lsusd.lsuhsc.edu/Patients.html for detailed patient information and phone numbers.

I cannot afford to pay for dental treatment right now. Is there a way I receive free dental care?

LDA is not personally involved with treatment options for patients. However, any available free dental clinics in Louisiana that we are aware of can be found on our website. We will continue to update this list as information becomes available.

Does Louisiana have dental Medicaid?

The state of Louisiana does have the following:

LaCHIP - LaCHIP is no-cost health insurance, including dental, for children. LaCHIP stands for "Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program." If your child is younger than 19 and does not have health insurance, he or she could get LaCHIP to pay for seeing a doctor or dentist. LaCHIP covers care at a hospital, prescription drugs and shots, too! The only way to know if your child can have LaCHIP is to apply.

LaMOMS - The LaMOMS program is an expansion of Medicaid coverage for pregnant women with an income up to 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.  Through this program, pregnant women of working families, either married or single, have access to no-cost health care coverage. Medicaid will pay for pregnancy-related services, delivery and care up to 60 days after the pregnancy ends including doctor visits, lab work/tests, prescription medicines and hospital care.

Adult Denture Program - Medicaid recipients 21 years of age and older. Dentures, denture relines, and denture repairs are covered under this program, as well as examination and x-rays in conjunction with the construction of a Medicaid-authorized denture.

How do a find a Medicaid Provider in my area of the state?

Medicaid is administered through the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH). To find a provider in your area, go to the LDH website to search by type of provider, parish or region of the state.

How do I become a patient of the dental school?

Visit the LSUHSC School of Dentistry website at www.lsusd.lsuhsc.edu/Patients.html for detailed patient information and phone numbers.

Where is the Louisiana School of Dentistry (LSUSD) located?

The LSUSD is located at:
LSU Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry
1100 Florida Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119

How can I contact LSUSD?

You can visit their Web site at http://www.lsusd.lsuhsc.edu/patientinformation.html. Their physical address is: LSU Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry, 1100 Florida Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119.

How do I contact the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry (LSBD)?

The LSBD is located at:
365 Canal Street, Suite 2680
New Orleans, LA 70130

Telephone number: (504) 568-8574 or (877) 467-4488.
Fax number: (504) 568-8598.
Website: www.lsbd.org.

The ADA has compiled an extensive list of oral health topics to provide information and resources about various issues related to you and your family's oral health care.

A-Z List of Oral Health Topics

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