Dental Well-Being Advisory Committee

Description: An impaired dentist is defined as a dentist who is unable to practice dentistry with reasonable skill or safety to patients because of mental illness or deficiency; physical illness, including but not limited to deterioration through the aging process or loss of motor skills; and/or, excessive use or abuse of drugs, including alcohol. The impairment may be determined by his own admission, by an evaluation of his peers, or evaluation by properly certified professionals.

Confidentiality: Although all consideration and respect shall be given by this committee to the Executive Committee of the LDA, in order to adhere to the confidentiality standards necessary for this committee, any business by and/or between this committee, the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry and the Louisiana Dental Association shall be conducted in executive session.

All information relative to investigations, evaluations, progress and treatment of impaired dentists shall only be communicated to and between the LDA Well-Being Committee, the pertinent local component association Well-Being committee, the LSBD and the State Board’s Executive Director.

A full description of the responsibilities of the committee can be found by clicking the committees and councils link under LDA Bylaws.

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