Kick-Off CE 2024

Kick-Off C.E.

 Date: Friday, September 20, 2024 
Location: Live via Zoom (this course will count towards your in-person C.E. hours required by the La State Board of Dentistry)
Time: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Course Information


Dr. Timothy Bizga
Speaker: Dr. Timothy Bizga 

Course Title: Efficient Fundamental Dentistry- Pathways to Procedural Mastery in 'Bread & Butter' Dentistry 

Course Description:
In today’s dental practice, 40% of revenues come from crown and bridge procedures. In addition, a staggering 45% of all billed direct restorative procedures are Class II’s! The goal of this course is to teach efficiency while imparting competency in these key areas: the single-unit crown and posterior composite dentistry. By course end, the audience will be able to select appropriate indirect materials and the glues we choose to hold them. Furthermore, attendees will be able to utilize knowledge of the newest direct restorative materials to perform and restore more competently and efficiently. Clinical tips and brand suggestions will be included.

Course Objectives:
 1. Review principles of tooth preparation
 2. Learn current methods for tissue management and impressioning for crowns and bridge
 3. Review the latest array of indirect material choices
 4. Learn proper cement selection
 5. Discuss adhesion and compare/contrast 7 generations of dental adhesives
 6. Review criteria for properly placed matrix band and wedge and review matrix systems
 7. Shortcuts and pearls for composites success 





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