lda leadership academy

LDA Leadership Academy

Hosted by the LDA's Council on the New Dentist

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The goal of the Leadership Academy is to identify and prepare potential future officers for positions of leadership on the national, state, and local component levels. This program is available to all LDA members, regardless of time spent in the dental field.

The initial class will include a maximum of one 1 candidate nominated and sponsored by each of the 9 LDA components. Subsequent classes may include no more than 3 candidates from any one component.

In order to qualify, candidates must be a current member of the LDA. They cannot have served as president of their local component or as a member of the LDA Board of Directors.

Commitments and Requirements

We expect candidates to attend each event and complete the required ADA leadership webinars (all free to members).

Attendance is mandatory for graduation from the LDA Leadership Academy. Absence from more than one full session or failure to complete the online sections will render the candidate ineligible for graduation. If you are expecting to be unavailable for any of the scheduled dates, please notify the LDA in advance at colin@ladental.org.

There is no tuition required for participation. Candidates must provide their own transportation and lodging expenses (if needed). However, components may choose to cover any transportation expenses if their leadership desires to do so.

Applicants must submit their application/nomination forms to the LDA no later than December 1st, 2024.

2025 Curriculum and Schedule

Complete the following online C.E. courses prior to HOD/”graduation (March/April, 2026):
(ADA leadership webinars TBD)
You will receive 1 practice management CE credit from the ADA upon successful completion of each course

Attend these events:

April/May, 2025 – Dentist’s Day at the Legislature/orientation (Baton Rouge)
June, 2025 – LDA board meeting (Baton Rouge)
September, 2025 – LDA board meeting (Baton Rouge)
November, 2025 – CGA meeting (Baton Rouge)
December, 2025 – CMDP meeting (conference call)
January, 2026 – Bowden Leadership conference (Baton Rouge)
March/April – HOD/”graduation” (New Orleans) Attendance is Mandatory (participants will be encouraged to serve as delegates)

If you are expecting to be unavailable for any of the scheduled dates, please notify the LDA in advance at colin@ladental.org.

LDA Leadership Academy Interest Form

We are so grateful for your interest in the LDA Leadership Academy! Please fill out this form and direct any additional questions to colin@ladental.org

You are welcome to upload a resume, though it is optional!

Please list any professional organizations you're involved in and any leadership positions you've held.